Registration Instructions

This process is meant for IGIE members who wish to register students for the IGIE Foundation course.  It will also be used for future courses.

  1. IGIE member collects demographic and registration information for the student.  The IGIE member can use either the spreadsheet or send the information to the following e-mail address:
  2. AICPCU registers the student for the course, which includes the exam.
  3. AICPCU sends login info with student ID directly to the student via email.
    IGIE member provides PIN to student.
  4. Student accesses the system as per the instructions sent by AICPCU.
    Note:  To access the system, the student goes to the following link and follows the instructions:
  5. At the completion of the course, the student can print their grade from the online classroom. This grade can be presented to the IGIE member for a certificate, if the member organization is offering one for course completion.
  6. If the student has not completed within one year of registration, the registration will have to be resubmitted.