Global Cooperation:

A community of excellence

Our vision is to build a well respected community of excellence for the financial serices industry

Interfima is a professional association established as an A.S.B.I in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Today the community extends across all continents comprises renowned expert professionals in financial serices industry. We strongly believe in the true value of knowledge sharing and the opportunities and synergies that derive from it.

Having a global and a regional perspective of the markets makes us aware of the latest developments and practices. We have exposure to more than 15 countries and a collective experience of more than 40 experts, who have worked in various regional and global executive positions around the globe for more than 20 years.

Our mission is to create success stories through personalized learning experiences

To date, sharing knowledge has been mostly generic and not personalized to the specific needs of every individual and organization. This approach no longer generates the needed value and the desired outcomes. At Interfima, we fill that gap by personalizing and continuously improving your learning experience while meeting the changing needs of the financial services industry.

We have established signficant alliances or affiliations with prestigious organizations or other professional entities. We have been awarded participation by the European Commission and the United Nations economic societies. Importantly, we have been also approved, as a vendor, to undertake projects for the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the African Development Bank and the Inter-American Bank on a global scale.

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Certified Underwriting Specialist
Certified Claims Specialist

Certified Health Insurance Specialist 



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