Insurance Institute of Switzerland (IIS)

Global Cooperation:

The Insurance Institute of Switzerland (IIS) was as a nonprofit organization in March 2000 with the objective to provide training and education in Insurance and Risk Management. The IIS has relations towards the Broker-, the Insurance-, the Reinsurance and the Production/Trade Industry in Switzerland. Enterprise Risk Management is the topic that unifies those industries, since it allows approaching risk with an international and broad perspective. Therefore ERM is a key aspect of the courses offfered by the IIS.

The content of the courses is enriched by instructors that are professionally linked to the content they lecture. Thus they cannot only deliver theory in a comprehensive manner, but can also bring in hands-on experience. In addition with the programs of The Institutes, the IIS offers a blended learning experience in ERM-related topics that fulfills student needs: efficient, complete and precise knowledge to enhance job opportunities and source professionalism in the topics of Managing Risks.

The IIS offers several courses of the The Institutes in English and French and has a formal co-operation with this leading Institute for Insurance and Risk Management education. The IIS also acts as the exclusive test center of The Institutes in Switzerland. In addition to this international link, the IIS keeps close contact and collaboration with the University of Applied Science in Zurich ZHAW and its Center for Risk and Insurance ZRI.

Contact Information:

Ms. Elke Petry, ARM-E, CIB, AMIM, AIS
President of the Board
Insurance Institute of Switzerland (IIS)
Haeringstrasse 20
CH-8001 Zurich


Tel: 0041-43-817-67-67

Managing Director:
Ms. Ursula Freuler-Büchel
Tel: 0041-43-817-67-67