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The roots of the Bermuda Insurance Institute (BII) go back to 1970 when the Bermuda Insurance Diploma Association (BIDA) was formed by 12 leading insurers. These leaders envisioned future growth in the Bermuda market, and recognized that there was a need for a well trained work force that would be ready to fill some of the needs presented by the expansion. Through the collaborative effort of the executives of these leading insurers, a movement began to ensure that people involved in the Bermuda Insurance market, and those that were interested in pursuing careers in insurance had the opportunity to study insurance locally.

The objectives of the BII are:
- to create and maintain a central organization for people engaged in or associated with the insurance industry,
- to hold seminars and workshops on topics related to the insurance industry,
- to encourage and assist the study of any subject bearing upon any branch of insurance, and to promote social interaction amongst members.

The BII's activities are controlled by the Governing Council who are senior staff selected from member companies. The Governing Council appoints various sub-committees to ensure that the organization's objectives are effectively achieved.

Global Cooperation:

The Bermuda Insurance Institute is a registered charity, funded and controlled by its membership, which is comprised of companies from the insurance, (re)insurance and financial services sectors.

Contact Information:

Dr. Malcolm Butterfield
Chief Executive Officer
The Bermuda Insurance Institute (BII)
4th Floor Sofia House, 48 Church Street
Hamilton HM11, Bermuda

Tel: +441-295-1596
Fax: +441-295-3532

Carol Pitt, Client Contact & Reporting Officer